Students and Faculty '99
Mr. Vic Valenciano
Mr. Rolfie Velasco
Photo Lab Instructor:
Luis Chiong
Workshop Supervisor:
Amado "Mads" Palileo
Workshop Secretary:
Rosanni Sarile
Laboratory Assistants:
Nelson Atienza
Henry Posadas
Mowelfund Photography '99
photo by Henry Posadas
Auey Calabia      
Angela Favis
Vivian Chua      
Joanne Catral  
Dyna Padilla-Hone    
Ted Jimenez
Cris Manjares
Emy Morden
Tim Munoz
Cindy Orbase
Aaron Palileo
Edwin Reyes
Kreskin Sugay
Susie Teo
Ian Villar
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