The Photography Club
The graduates of the Mowelfund '99 summer workshop are currently in the process of putting up an amateur and hobbyist photography club. The first general meeting has been set for June 26, 1999 at 4 p.m. at the Cafe Aurora, in Cubao, QC.
To be discussed are
1) the official club name
2) activity calendar for the  year
3) formation of committees and officers
We will also be holding the very first "Photo of the Month" contest for June 1999. Open to current members only, the contest's theme is "Children in Black and White". Be ready with your mounted 8X10 print for judging. The winner will acquire points for the club's "Photographer of the Year" award.
List of Officers:
Vice President-
Public Relation Officers-
Marketing Head-
Cindy Orbase
Edwin Reyes
Emy Morden  
Dyna Padilla-Hone
Joanne Catral
Auey Calabia
Angela Camus
Tim Munoz
Ian Villar
Vivian Chua
Susie Teo
Aaron Palileo
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