May -June 1999 Update
May 21, 1999 marked the graduation ceremonies and party of the Mowelfund '99 Batch.  Festivities included gluttony and merry-making, with free live entertainment provided by Ms. Dyna "The Vamp" Padilla-Hone. The first "informal" club meeting was held and officers was elected.
June 1, 1999 - A nude pictorial and mini-lecture was held at Antipolo with about one-half of the club in attendance. Covering both indoor and outdoor nude photography, the photo session utilized two models. Guidance was provided by Mr. Rolife Velasco, Mads Palileo and Luis Chiong.
June 14, 1999 - Photographer Henry Posadas held an informal demonstration on product shots and lighting. The demo covered lighting effects and "mood" lighting, the use of various lighting equipment, and photographer's secret tricks on how to get that perfect shot.
August 15 Sunday, 2-5 pm.
           Third General Meeting
           Venue: 58th 12th Street, New Manila, QC
Photo contest: Judging of Children (B&W for July) and Self-portrait (B&W)
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